Server Side Programming


Server side programs are those programs which executes or run on server. So we need a server to execute a server side programs. Server side program generates the response to clients as per their requests. We have many servers available in different languages and technologies like Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat Web Server, NodeJS Web Server, IIS etc.

Server Side Programming or Technologies also play an important role in web application. So when ever we develop the server side programs, technologies selection is also important to make it scalable and generate faster response .

final keyword Server Side Programming Includes:

  1. Receiving the input form client
  2. Server Side Validations
  3. Querying the database
  4. Interacting with remote service
  5. Processing the data as per the client
  6. Sending alerts to the users
  7. Generate the response by encoding the data into html etc.

 Example of Server Side Programming :-

JSP, Servlet , PHP, ASP.Net , Perl ,NodeJS, Python, Ruby on Rails etc.