Difference between Get and Post

GET and POST are http methods which are mentioned, when Http Client makes the request to the server. Both methods pass the information differently and have advantages and disadvantages...

Differences :-

icon GET requests can get cached by the browser while post not.

icon GET requests send data in URL while Post sends data into request body.

icon We can only send limited data with GET method since it is sent in the request header URL whereas we can send large amount of data with POST because it is send into request body.

icon  Since the data sent by the GET method are displayed in the URL, it is possible to bookmark the page with specific query string values while in post we cannot, because data goes into request body.

icon  GET method is not secure because data is exposed in the URL while POST method is secure because data goes into request body.

icon  GET is faster compare to post since it contains only header not body to send the data.

icon  GET is indempotent and Post is not Idempotent.