Client Side Programming

Client side programming has mostly to do with the user interface, where user can interact with server. In web development it's the browser. Generally client side code is deployed with server side code. But when ever we want to use it, to interact with server , first of all , it is getting down loaded into the client side browser then it is executed by the browser and render the user interface.

Client Side Programming really play an important role in web application. We have many client side technologies and frameworks in the market to develop the light weight and fancy user interface for the end users.

final keyword Client Side Programming Includes:

  1. Designing User Interface
  2. Client Side Validation
  3. Manipulating Html Dom
  4. Ajax Implementation
  5. Appying Style Sheet
  6. Business Logic

 Example of Client Side Programming :-

Html, Css ,Java Script, jQuery , AngularJS , XSL/XSLT , Bootstrap, BackboneJS etc.